+ What are the system requirements for your products?

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Adobe Reader
  • 1 GB of disk space

+ I have a single-user product. How many computers can I install my product on?

Your single-user license allows you to install your product on a primary computer and a secondary or back-up computer only for your personal use. Use on a second computer for another individual is a breach of the license agreement.

+ How do I find when my product expires?

You can find it on the main product window. Click License on the Menu Bar, then select License Info, then Expiration Date. The date your license is valid through is displayed

+ Why do I have to pay every year when I already bought the software?

The initial purchase of Boyer products includes 1 year of technical support, product updates, and unlimited use of the product for licensed users. After the first year there is a small yearly fee. Boyer Safety Services provides two or more updates per year. These updates include updated regulations, new OSHA materials, and technical changes to work with new versions of Windows and supporting software.

Providing these updates requires work from our OSHA experts and significant time from our development team. We could not provide those updates at no cost. Unlike most modern software subscriptions we do not charge the same fee as your original purchase every year. Your yearly fee is much smaller than your original purchase price.

+ Where do I get support if I bought from a reseller?

Customer support for OSHA Compliance Suite, Cal/OSHA Compliance Suite, and Regsoft for Healthcare is provided by Boyer Safety Services at support@boyersafety.com or 800-664-8401.

+ How do I find my product key?

Your product key can be helpful when working with Support. You can find it on the main product window. Click Help on the Menu Bar, then select About. The Product Key is one of the items listed.

+ What do I do if I get a message that my software is expired and I see a “Renew Now” button?

Click the Renew Now button. Then email the “Current License Number” to support@boyersafety.com and we will either send you a new license number or provide renewal details.

+ What are the benefits of registering my product?

Registration ensures you receive product updates, technical support, and customer service throughout the year.

+ I have a new computer; how do I move my product to it?

Email support@boyersafety.com and let us know about the new computer. We’ll verify the account status and send download instructions.

+ I use Office every day, but why do I get a message that Word, PowerPoint, or Excel are not found?

Often this issue is resolved by Microsoft Office Repair.

To Repair Microsoft Office:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Programs and Features
  • Right Click on Microsoft Office
  • Click Change
  • Click Repair, selecting Online Repair if available.

Also check that Windows Updates are current.

+ Will my product work on a MAC?

Our products are Windows-based and utilizes Office products such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

We do not currently certify our products on MAC or support MAC, however some customers have used virtual machine software that allows you to run operating systems like Windows inside of OS X, alongside your normal Mac setup. Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and Virtual Box are examples.