Regsoft for Healthcare

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Regsoft for Healthcare

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Regsoft for Healthcare helps healthcare professionals with managing safety and compliance at their healthcare facilities

All purchases include technical support and OSHA update services. Add a second year of support and updates at a discount.

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  • Federal OSHA Regulations - 29 CFR 1910-General Industry Standards; 1903-Inspections, Citations and Policies; 1904-Recordkeeping Regulations.
  • HIPAA, a comprehensive section on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • Entire contents of Title 45 Public  Welfare, including:
  • Parts 1-199--Subtitle A--Department of Health and Human Services
  • Parts 200-299--Office of Family Assistance Administration of Children and Families
  • Parts 300-299--Office of Child Support Enforcement
  • Parts 400-499--Office of Refugee Resettlement
  • Parts 500-599--Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
  • Parts 600-699--National Science Foundation
  • Parts 700-799--Commission on Civil Rights
  • Parts 800-899--Office Personnel Management
  • Parts 1000-1099--Office of Community Services
  • Parts 1100-1199--National Foundation of the Arts
  • Parts 1300-1399--Office of Human Development Services
  • Parts 1600-1699--Legal Services Corporation
  • Parts 1700-1799--National Commission on Libraries
  • Parts 1800-1899--Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
  • Parts 2100-2199--Commission on Fine Arts
  • Parts 2300-2399--Arctic Research Commission
  • Parts 2400-2499--James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
  • Parts 2500-2599--Corporation National and Community Service
  • Technical Information - Information your facility may use even though not regulated by a specific OSHA standard.
  • Recordkeeping/Documentation Requirements.
  • Sample Forms - Compliance support forms and training forms.
  • Sample Plans and Employee Handbooks- You can make them specific to your facility! 
  • Self-Inspections Checklists.
  • First year of updates included with your purchase!
  • Our multi-user version of Regsoft for Healthcare offers 10 installations--only $895.95